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American Heart Association's Training Site.

Looking for CPR?  You have found the right place. whether  you are looking to get certified, re-certified or maybe you just want to learn the skills to keep your family safe,
we are here to help you.
Please call or text for further information.

**Skill sessions for the online option
are scheduled on a 1:1 please call to schedule**
See below for more information about the online option.
Please call or text me for any questions.

HealthCare Providers/ BLS Course class schedule:

Class schedule for Healthcare Providers.  The entire course is taught in these classes.

Cost $35.00 cash or $37.00 credit card

The entire course is taught in these classes.
No prep needed.
Class time is max. 4 hours.

Vacation Feb. 20- March 8 2019

March 2019

Friday March 15 at 9 am
Saturday March 16 at 9 am
Tuesday March 19 at 9 am
Wednesday March 27 at 9 am

Class schedule is subject to change.  Please do not wait to last minute to book your class.  Classes will be cx if nobody signs up.

April 2019

Saturday April 13th at 9 AM
Friday April 26 at 9 AM
Tuesday April 30th at 9 AM

Please note:

Schedule is subject to change.  Please register early.

.....if nobody signs up, the class will be canceled.  Please do not wait to the last minute to sign up.                        

 Please consider the online option or the blitz option if the class schedule does not work for you.
Please call to schedule.

1:1 Blitz classes are now available for renewal only.  Call for a time that fit your schedule.
Healthcare Provider blitz:
provided 1:1
Cost : $ 55.00 cash or $57.00 credit card

Heartsaver AED blitz:
Cost: $55.00 cash or $ 57.00 credit card.

Your card must be current to do the blitz.

Please call for any questions.

For anyone NOT working in Healthcare, please see information under Heartsaver CPR training.

Skill check for the online option and blitz sessions are available most days late in the afternoon or early evening,

American Heart Association card issued the day of the class and is
valid for 2 years.

Health Care Providers 
on-line option:

HealthCare go to:


1) Find a course:: BLS -  Basic life support
scrol down the page and locate
2) BLS - Basic Life Support
HeartCode BLS
add to cart
Cost $ 28.50

Please call if you have any questions before paying for the course. If you work in Health Care please make sure you select the 
Basic Lifesupport HeartCode BLS

Don't forget to schedule your Skill Session (hands-on).
$35.00 includes your new card.

Heartsaver AED

For non-healthcare professionals ( personal trainers/ daycare ect.),

Go to:


1) Find a course: Heartsaver

scrool down the page and find the correct course for you. If you have any doubt, please call me before paying for the course.

2) Heartsaver CPR AED Online part 1.
Add to cart
Cost $ 15.00

Looking for First Aid ??   Please call or text me.

Don't forget to schedule your Skill Session (hands-on).
$35.00 includes your new card.


Hands on for the skill session is available most days.

Please call / text for more information and to register for a class.


**The on-line option is only valid if completed with the American Heart Association.**  Please follow this link:

Group discount is available for CPR classes provided at your facility.  Only 6 participants needed.  Please call or email for more information.

CPR training offered to the community  at a cost that you can afford.  Please find details under  "About us".

Not sure which class is right for you?
Please find information about the classes offered
 on the following page "about us"

All About CPR
 classes you can afford!


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